Organ Donation.

In December 2011 my mum had a liver transplant. I can never, ever put into words how grateful we all are to the donor, to their family and for their gift.

Until you or someone you love needs a new organ you can’t really understand how deeply personal and life altering the decision to donate is, that choice, changes peoples lives. It’s a gift of immeasurable value. It is however a choice we don’t often discuss. The thought of what will happen to you after your death is not an easy one.

I wanted to do something to raise awareness of organ donation and also to raise some money for the hospital that treated (and continues to care for) my mother before and since her transplant.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding bracelets and amigurumi to the shop designed to raise awareness of organ donation, they will be green, the colour of organ donation awareness (and also liver disease) and 50% of the money made from them will be donated to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and split between the liver unit and transplant teams. Here’s hoping we can raise some cash for this wonderful hospital and for all the work they do helping the families of donors and the recipients and their families.

In the meantime, if you aren’t already on the register, please sign up. It will be the best gift you ever give. And speak up. Let your family and loved ones know your decision so they can make sure your wishes are carried out.

Thank you.


Why I don’t use wool.

I always make a point in my listings of the fact that I don’t use animal products in any of my designs. So that means I don’t use wool, leather, feathers or anything else you would get from an animal when I’m making something. I use high quality acrylic or cotton yarn exclusively.

The reasons for this are two fold. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with acrylic yarn. It’s available in a massive range of vibrant colours, it’s also hardier and easier to care for than wool. There is a rather unfair assumption amongst some circles that ‘acrylic’ means cheap and nasty and that is just not the case. Yes, acrylic yarn from a monetary stand point often costs less than wool, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘cheap’. There are some beautiful acrylic yarns out there and I have seen some stunning creations made with them. I am very particular about the yarns I use, colour, texture and durability are extremely important to me, I spend a lot of time trawling yarn stores (just ask my long suffering husband) looking for the perfect yarns for my items. More often than not I am spoilt for choice which is why it takes me so long!

Secondly, I want everyone to be able to enjoy my products and that includes vegans, vegetarians and people who have a sensitivity or allergy to wool. I want people to buy from me and know that the item is ok for them to have. I am proud to say that all my yarn-y creations are vegan. I have many vegan friends who I know struggle to find non wooly knit and crochet items so when I decided to set up my store it was really important to me to just remove the guesswork and make everything out of high quality synthetic or cotton yarn, suitable for everybody!

So there you go! That’s why I don’t use wool!

New items added to etsy store + discount code AND new ravelry page!

I posted the pattern for my little milkbottles last night, but for those of you not of the crafty persuasion I also added ready made ones to my etsy store this morning! You can find them here: linkage .

Also! If you order before midnight tonight then you can get free shipping with code FREESHIP01 how’s that for awesome?

And as if that wasn’t enough I have set up a ravelry account where I will be hosting my patterns for you to buy! I am currently working on several to upload separately and as an ebook. In the meantime you can search username TWIHKemma and add me as a friend. I’ve popped the Got Milk? pattern on there already I’ll be uploading a PDF of that ASAP!

Right back to work! Seeya!

Got Milk? Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern.


I love making little amigurumi versions of food and drink. These super cute little milk bottles are just too good to resist. Make them in white or cream for regular milk, brown for chocolate or pink for strawberry. They work up fast so are the perfect project for a lazy Sunday evening!

Tension is unimportant for this project.

You will need:

1)DK yarn in your chosen flavour.

2)Some DK yarn in grey for the bottle cap ( you could even use gold to make gold top milk!)

3) A 3mm crochet hook.

4) Two 5mm black beads for the eyes, you could also use safety eyes or scraps of black yarn.

5) Pink felt cut into circles for the cheeks.

6) Black thread for the mouth and attaching the eyes. Pink thread to sew on your cheeks or a small dab of fabric glue.

7) Toy stuffing.

8) Darning needle.

If you do not know how to start an amigurumi project using the magic ring method I heartily recommend checking out planetjune on youtube she has some excellent tutorials.


DC : double crochet (US single crochet)
* : indicates a repeat.
DCtog: single crochet two stitches together in order to decrease.
Back loop only: make your stitches in the loop closest to you.


Magic ring 6 DC, and add a stitch marker or scrap of yarn in a contrasting colour to the beginning of your round. This makes it easier to count your stitches!

R1: 2DC* repeat to end of round (12)
R2: 1DC, 2DC* repeat to end of round (18)
R3: 1DC, 1DC, 2DC* repeat to end of round (24)
R4: 1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 2DC* repeat to end of round (30)
R5-13: 1DC* repeat to end of round (30)
R14: 1DC, 1DC, 1DC, 2DCtog* repeat to end of round (24)
R15: 1DC* (24) repeat to end of round
Start to stuff from here. Install safety eyes if you’re using them.
R16: 1DC, 1DC, 2DCtog* repeat to end of round (18)
R 17-18: 1DC* repeat to end of round (18)
R19: 1DC, 2DCtog* repeat to end of round (12)
R20: 1DC* repeat to end of round (12)

Cut yarn and fasten off. You can tuck the tail into the bottle, there’s no need to weave it in as you will seal it with the cap later.


Magic ring 6 stitches.

R1: 2DC* repeat to end of round (12)
R2: 1DC, 2DC* repeat to end of round (18)
R3: Into the back loops only, 1DC* repeat to end of round (18)

Leaving a long enough tail for sewing, cut yarn and fasten off.

Sew the cap onto the bottle, once secure and you’re happy with positioning, weave in your ends.

At this point you can add your features (eyes, cheeks and mouth).

And you’re done!

If you intend to give this to a child I recommend using yarn to make features such as the eyes.

Copyright Emma Gallimore-Martin.

This pattern is for personal use only you may not sell items made using it. If you wish to use the pattern for fundraising please contact me.

Obligatory welcome post!


My name is Emma and I run a shop called Things What I Have Knitted. I don’t just make knitted things. I also crochet, make ‘regular’ jewellery and write patterns and tutorials. 

I first picked up a pair of knitting needles way back when I was a precocious eight year old, my beloved Nan tried her best to teach me but I soon gave up when I couldn’t do it straight away.  Fast forward 20 or so years and I decided to have another go. My mum taught me the basics, the rest I learnt from YouTube tutorials, this time I didn’t give up, I persevered and in less than a week I had finished my very first project, a grey, pink, yellow and black snood. It is hideous. But I love it and would never part with it. 

Not long after learning to knit I turned my attention to crochet, and a yarn obsession was born. I loved to knit, I loved to crochet and I loved to create. Of course, I was soon making more things than I could use, so my friends and family started to receive my lovingly handmade items as gifts for birthdays and Christmas, which led to requests for specific items, which led to me wondering whether I could turn my passion, into my job.

I dithered about for quite some time, made excuses not to go for it but one morning I woke up and thought to myself, I can do this and I’ll kick myself if I don’t try, So here I am! 

So why, I hear you ask have you started this blog? It’s not just to flog us stuff is it? Well, yes and no, I will use this space to advertise my shop and the items in it but I will also use it as a regular blog and a place to share free patterns and tutorials, I also plan to do product reviews and much more besides! 

Right then, I think that’s enough for my first post! Bye bye for now!